Techniques, methods of treatment

Vector Point Cranial Therapy

Dr. Denton is the founder and developer of Vector Point Cranial Therapy, a non-force cranial technique which allows the patients subluxations to be adjusted from the head, like a bio-computer. He discovered that all of the musculo-skeletal structures in the body are systematically represented near the sutures on the cranium, and are proprioceptive equivalents of each spinal, pelvic, ribs and extremity level. By a light directional pressure on these predetermined vector points, it releases the dural stress [ a fibrous sheath that covers the brain and spinal cord, and is rich in proprioceptive receptors ]. The result is an immediate restoration of the mechanical joint function and relief of pain, without manipulation of the joint itself. In Dr. Denton's seminars, he has taught doctors this technique all over the world. We also teach the patients a simplified form of this technique, for self treatment of their major problem areas.

Cranial Pelvic Stabilization

Most people live their entire life with a non weight bearing sacro-iliac joint [found in the pelvis], which is compensated by the primary control mechanism, found at the cranial sutures. When injuries occur, the cranial and pelvic controls are neurogically lost, the result is multiple articular subluxations, that keep re-ocurring. We correct the incompetent sacro-iliac weight bearing slip separation by pelvic blocking, then correcting the cranial equivalent of the pelvis, which re-establishes the neurological integrity. Many long term problems disappear when these foundational procedures are completed. The miracles come from the combination of pelvic blocking and intra-oral cranial. 

Impulse IQ Adjusting

Years of research have developed the revolutionary Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument to create a state-of-the-art gentle & specific chiropractic adjustment, safe for all ages. It is twice as fast as other ones, and 100 times faster than manually, with high tech computerized precise measurement of how the spine or extremity is moving during treatment. This feedback gives the doctor objective information about your problem area in real-time for custom treatment to you. The gentle thrust is faster than the body's tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment. This optimizes the treatment and we find that this Impulse IQ is having significant results with long term back pain, as well as hip & extremity issues.

Advanced Intra-Oral Cranial

The sutures on the cranium, shown at the picture on the left should have an opening and closing motion of about 25,000th of an inch with each cranial/respiratory cycle. Loss of this motion causes neuro-kinesiological dysfunction at related areas of the body. This may cause joint pain, inflammation, back pain, headaches, and other organic malfunction, and susceptibility to disease. When combined with the pelvic blocking described above, the intra-oral cranial provides a complete instruction to the body, which replaces the previously lost dominant directive from the distressed body area. The intra-oral should only be used in conjunction with correct pelvic blocking, due to the powerful nature of intra-oral cranials. Dr. Denton has developed and taught his specific advanced intra-oral indicators, and at least three should be used to make sure the correct cranial is chosen. There are specific pelvic, foot, leg, and visual facial distortion indicators, such as open or closed frontal, occiput, right closed temporal descent, parietal, temporal perietal, temporal, malar frontal, malar max, and TMJ correction, and maxillary jamming. In addition, he also discovered the neurological relationship of each tooth to specific organs in the body, which can evidence or be causative of an organic malfunction in the body.

Emotional Pattern Release

Most trapped emotional complexes have their basis in a past emotional trauma during the patients lifetime, or from inheirited genetic memory. These stored memories are like a continuous loop tape, that when triggered by a current thing or event, distorts their perception of the present event, and colors it with memories and emotions of that past trauma. This now causes them to act or feel in an inappropriate manner in the present, based on feelings born out of the survival mechanisms that were created at the time of the earliest real or perceived emotional trauma. Ask for a small demo if you are interested.

Bio-Photonic Laser Therapy &

Neuro-Energetic Organic

The brain is more than able to manufacture what the whole body needs chemically and biologically, until there is a disconnect. When you can find out, by resonance testing, what the problem is, it can then be corrected by Bio-Photonic Laser Therapy. This is a system of treatment for allergens, toxins, poisons, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other environmental irritants, utilizing the 'denton tester', for analysis. This technique employs homeopathic nosodes, sarcodes, and antigens, in the testing and treatment, combined with red and green low level lasers at precise body reflex points, to normalize organic response and function. This often results in instant healing, if we follow the exact order that the patients body indicates using the temporal-sphenoidal line indicators. The body is "fearlessly and wondrously made", and actually tells the doctor which order and what laser color to use. We can diagnose in a very short time, what the causative irritant is, and what is the corresponding remedy, and which will be the most effective treatment.

Manual Manipulation

Dr. Denton taught spinal and extremity manipulation for many years and is a highly skilled adjuster, however we can, in most cases, now more efficiently, make corrections by use of Vector Point and the Impulse IQ. When necessary or preferred by the patient, Dr. Denton will be glad to manipulate.


Dr. Denton and Serene are graduates of CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE, and are licensed Ministers. They believe that Prayer is an essential element in healing and wellness. They have witnessed many instant healings with prayer, and seen the increase of faith and hope, through forgiveness. Prayer available for those interested.